The Institute for German Law at the National University Kiev Mohyla Academy is one of the first institutes for research and education of German law in Ukraine.

For students, the institute offers introductory and advanced lectures on the basic principles of German private law and German public law. The aim of the institute is to provide students with a basic understanding of German law in German language.

It is understood as a platform for academic and interdisciplinary research and as an institution of comparative research with a focus on German and Ukrainian law. The historical and current similarities of Ukrainian and German law as well as the current challenges of both legal systems are part of the research. In particular, current developments in Ukrainian law are analyzed based on this comparative background.

In addition to lectures, the institute also offers conferences and workshops for students from all semesters. The courses are offered by leading academic experts of German law. The lively exchange between lecturers and students and a practice-oriented approach to the case solution is intended to make it easier for students to evolve a profound understanding of German law.

The Institute supports research and further education through ongoing publications. These include, among other things, the supervision and publication of a legal journal and a newsletter for students. Further publications such as working papers and basic work are planned.

Research and education are carried out in close cooperation with domestic and foreign luminaries of German law and with partners from the business sector.