The research project is funded by the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation and will analyse the impact of the EU-Ukraine Association agreement on the legal system of Ukraine. In particular, the research project’s objective is to study if and how the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement encourages the Europeanization of the Ukrainian legal system and judiciary by means of legal approximation, application of EU law and regulatory convergence with the EU. For this, it is also necessary to scrutinize the concept of association agreements as it is laid down in Art. 217 TFEU.

The results of the project shall help to understand the effectiveness of present and future EU external regional policies towards the Europeanization of legal systems and judiciaries in third countries and especially countries of its eastern neighborhood. Further, the promotion of the EU common values and application of the EU acquis beyond the EU borders and possible legal conflicts between the new generation of Association agreements and the Eurasian integration initiatives.