• guest lectures from Dr. Stefan Lorenzmeier (University of Augsburg);
  • Ario Dehghani launched pilot course on foundations of German law;
  • watching documentary about the Nuremberg Trials;
  • Lawyers day at Redcliffe Partners.

Our Lectures:

Institute for German Law on NaUKMA offers students two lectures:

  1. Introduction to German Law with the lector Ario Dehghani, Co-director of the institute;
  2. German Law Terminology- Lector Tayisa Bubenko 

Participation in events:

  • Participation in the opening of the German-Ukrainian Language Year in September 2017 in Kyiv under the slogan "Make the next step!". Photos
  • Prof. Roman Petrov, Co-Director of IDR presents the Institute as part of the street festival for the opening of the German-Ukrainian Language Year in the Museum of NaUKMA. "For the Institute of German Law at NaUKMA, it was an honor to be part of the annual '' Deutscher Garten ''! We had lots of fun! And we enjoyed the German music, dancing and the food! Of course,we have spoken a lot in German and learned a lot of interesting knowledge about Germany!". Photos
  • Oktoberfest organized by the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Photos
  • German-Ukrainian Young Researcher Forum, organized by the University of Tübingen, Germany and "The UKRAINE Network". Prof. Roman Petrov and Ario Dehghani, co-directors of the IDR, presented the institute. Photos


Dr. Stefan Lorenzmeier from the University of Augsburg, Germany was our guest lecturer and read the students an interesting lecture on civil law. Photos

Events already conducted

Prof. Dr. Roman Petrov:



  • Human Rights in Association Agreements with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia
  • Verfassungsrechtliche Fragen hinsichtlich der Umsetzung der Assoziierungsabkommen zwischen der EU und der Ukraine, Moldawien und Georgien


Dr. Stefan Lorenzmeier, LL.M.


  • German view on the EU's Five Guiding Principles of the EU's Policy towards Russia v. Valdai Club Report on future of EU-Russia Relations: What does it mean for Ukraine?"
  • What are legal challenges of territorial application of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement? (in Kiew/Kyiv)


Territorialer Anwendungsbereich von EU-Assoziierungsabkommen – Im Hinblick auf umstrittene Gebiete